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Web Server may be a computer program, software or any remote computer system that respond on client request via hypertext transfer protocol connection to share web resources such as web pages over world wide web. Every web server is given a unique domain name and IP address for its identity over the internet.

A web server respond to the end user either by sending http response to the client by invoking script and communicating through database or by sending the requested web resource to the client related to requested URL. When the client sends an http request to web server for a web content, web server search for the requested resource and send it to client as http response. If the requested web content is missing or not available, Error 404: content not found will be displayed.

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Web servers require continuous power supply and proper cooling for efficient and uninterrupted smooth working.


Web servers can be of 2 types: Shared Web Server, Dedicated Web Server

Features of Web Server| MSA Technosoft

  • Shared Web Server: Assigned to many clients, shared among all the clients.
  • Dedicated Web Server: dedicated to single client, suitable for websites with heavy traffic.

Example of some popular web servers: Apache web server, IIS Web Server, LiteSpeed Web Server, Nginx Web Server etc.

Features of Web Server

Web server programme is operated by receiving http request from client and send relevant document as http response to client. If web content related to client’s request is not found, server send an error message.

Web Servers have the facility to handle not only static contents like file servers but also support dynamic content handling via related interfaces like ASP, JSP, SGI, CGI, ASP.Net, PHP, Server API etc.

Users don’t need to download plugins. User can configure the website to use CMS (Content Management System) that allows easy editing, image editing etc. Web Servers plays a very important role in web hosting that makes faster loading of websites when client request for it.

Web servers have the feature of keeping log files for client requests and server responses that helps to collect statistics by running log analyser on log files.

Web server support lower bandwidth usage by gzip encoding that is used for content compression and reduce the size of response.

Web servers have the facility of bandwidth throttling that limit the speed of response and helps the server to respond to more clients.

Web server has the feature of authorization through user credentials before allowing access to some web resources.

One of the primary feature of web server is large data storage facility. That helps the web server to store data of multiple websites.

Web Server has the feature of providing secure and encrypted connections to clients in port 443 instead of port 80 with the help of https.


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