Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization has become most popular and effective way of advertising in short span of time. Social media now-a-days is most common platform to connect with the whole world so is the best place to promote your brand and expand your business. Most of the people prefer to deal with the same brand that they follow in social media hence provides better opportunity to enhance your marketing.

At MSA Technosoft, we provide 100% support for reliable and robust social media marketing services to increase sales capacity of your business and provide chance to grand success towards achieving your business objectives. Through our SMM Services we provide you a better and effective platform to interact with your target audience and increase customer awareness towards your brand.

MSA Technosoft : Social media optimization

Our SMO Services:

  • SMO Strategy implementation
  • Social media analysis
  • Online Reputation management
  • Social media optimization
  • Social bookmarking
  • Deal with communities
  • Social media audits
  • Social media pages creation & maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.)
  • YouTube channel creation and management

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Why choose MSA Technosoft for SMO?

  • Better brand awareness
  • Greater targeted customers
  • Most important and innovative ideas
  • Unbeatable SMO strategist
  • Well management of social marketing
  • Effective, realistic, measurable business promotion
  • Use different popular platforms to gain more popularity
  • Dedicated social marketing services for all kind of firms with effective solution
  • Better support services all the time

We are top smo company in India. our SMO services are strategic and proven. Our social media optimization and SMO marketing services are effective way of media optimization that helps a lot in orm also. If you are planning for social media promotion or social media optimization or social marketing, join MSA Technosoft services for social media advertising for better business opportunities within short span of time.

How we work?

  • Our social media strategist make strategy based on your business objectives with innovative and effective approach and guidelines
  • Manage your brand in terms of profiles in social media i.e. social marketing with security and privacy
  • Proper management of your brand in social media for targeted customers
  • Proper monitoring and reputation maintenance of your brand
  • Manage contents, blogs, ads etc. with innovative and interested ideas for more interactions and customer awareness
  • Proper reporting and analysis of data for marketing, cross channel promotion of brand for more awareness.

Pay Per Click

In this modern market advance publicity stunts can help you to beat your competitors and achieve your business objectives. PPC Google Adwords is such an important option for advertising by paying a few Cost Per click for your ads. If PPC campaign runs properly, helps great promotion with better business.

MSA Technosoft understand success of CPC Advertising neither measured by best technology or tools nor by unwanted visitors for huge traffic but on best strategies, targeted traffic and better conversion ratio. We have a dedicated team of experts to deal with successful pay per click advertising campaigns by consistently monitoring the targeted keywords most commonly searched on search engines. Our click ads experts believe in result hence run successful PPC Campaigns with better business opportunities at lesser expenses.

MSA Technosoft : Pay per click campaign management

Our PPC Management Services:

  • Campaign report management
  • Maximised Return-On-Investment
  • Increased Paid traffic
  • Proper Ad Campaign setup
  • Create and Copyright Ad
  • Reduced Cost on Conversion
  • PPC landing page creation
  • Better Bid Management
  • Better Conversion ratio
  • Regular performance reporting

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Why choose MSA Technosoft for Pay Per Click Management?

  • Dedicated professionals, Extensive experience
  • Successful result-oriented cost per click campaigns
  • Cost effective services
  • Optimised PPC management services with details analysis
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Instant Sponsored Ad visibility
  • Proper reporting and tracking
  • Visible to targeted regions
  • 100% customer Satisfaction
  • Reliable Support and cpc advertising Services

Are you looking for PPC management service provider for your business? We are PPC Management Company known for our Cost Per Click Advertising services and Cost Per Click compitetive pricing. Contact MSA Technosoft now and be found at your targeted location easily and increase your business scope and marketing with our PPC management services.

How we work?

  • Research and shortlist effective and most popular google adwords keywords
  • Maximised Return-On-Investment
  • Ad campaign development
  • Ad landing page creation
  • Test the CPC Advertising campaign and measure conversion rate
  • Evaluate and report competitive analysis
  • Pay Per Click Strategy implementation

Email Marketing

Advertising Email is the most common way of fast communication. Email marketing is an effective and successful mode of marketing your brand by targeting those customers who are inactive or not accessible via social media. Such customers can be your consistent customers if aware of your brand and offers timely. MSA Technosoft, therefore, provide Online marketing Services via Ad email to aware more and more customers about your brand and services that adds more benefits in your business.

At MSA Technosoft, we provide effective services to support our client to reach huge audience for better business publicity. Our best email services help our client to build better interactive relationship with their audience and maximize return-on-investment.

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MSA Technosoft : Email marketing

Our Email Marketing Service include:

  • E-mail list creations for receivers
  • Online e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Planning for online marketing
  • Market analysis for web based email marketing
  • Templates design and content writing for ad email
  • Trusted e-mails servers for ad email
  • Sending newsletters
  • Unlimited validity
  • Product promotions

Why choose MSA Technosoft for Email Marketing?

  • Internet Marketing Company
  • Email Marketing Service Providers
  • Cost effective and efficient bulk emaill marketing
  • Maximized business investment
  • Increased brand value
  • Trusted and Powerful marketing campaigns
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction
  • Providing personalized support
  • Creative and Working templates & Contents
  • Support and Services

Get in touch with our internet marketing consultant to know more about how MSA Technosoft provide effective and powerful e-Marketing services via bulk emailing and help you to get success in achieving your business goals.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are the most common way of communication and the easiest way to reach people. Everyone use mobile phone now. Mobile phone is small thing but provides huge opportunity to companies to advertise their brand and business with greatest chances to connect with customers. Smartphones have increased the utility of internet in every home. Thus mobile marketing is the best way to reach more people than any other advertising medium.

At MSA Technosoft we provide mobile marketing services that cover overall mobile marketing efficiently and effectively. We understand your business perspectives, analyse your strategies and embed our ideas and suggestions for better result all the time. Our services are dedicated for success of our clients. We are internet marketing firm that provide mobile market application, marketing plan. We are web marketing agency having unbeatable marketing strategy. Marketing Plan and mobile marketing services provide by us as web marketing agency are proven. Our mobile market app is always successful and always gives better result.

MSA Technosoft : Mobile marketing

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

  • Best way to reach maximum people
  • Increase return on investment than any other advertising
  • Cost effective way of advertising
  • Potential to attract more customer
  • Increased lead generation
  • Enhance brand awareness

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Why choose MSA Technosoft for Mobile Marketing?

  • We provide content-centric mobile marketing services that ensures measurable brand awareness and ensures sure-footed business hike that helps you to achieve your ultimate business goals.
  • Our services are best suited for mobiles. Our mobile marketing sites and mobile market app are well designed and developed with best performance and effective Ad display.
  • We provide all time support and assistance to our clients with proper reporting and notifications.


To know more about our mobile marketing services, contact MSA Technosoft now and experience our mobile marketing services to maximize your ROI.

Our Mobile Marketing services:

  • Design & Development of Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Marketing in the form of Voice & Text Messages

Display Marketing

The very new and most powerful mode of brand promotion is Display Advertising, the brand related promotion over the web. It displays your brand offers or content to every site visitor that attract more customers to visit your page as display network. It contains text, images, audio or flash video for your brand advertising.

At MSA Technosoft we offer display advertising services in more effective manner. Through our display advertising services we help our clients to communicate their messages to their targeted customers.


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MSA Technosoft : Display advertising

Our Display Advertising Service include:

  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Trusted brand promotion
  • Capturing new customer engagement
  • Study market analytics
  • Optimization for business promotions
  • Revenue increment and business expansion
  • Digital media creation for advertising

Why choose MSA Technosoft for Display Marketing?

  • We understand your brand value and also the level of competition in marketing hence use animated ads with embedding audio-visual elements that is very effective and helpful in provoking people minds.
  • The dedicated approach of our knowledgeable experts help our client to promote their brand interactively in most attractive manner with relevant contents.
  • Our developers design and develop highly intuitive Ads by analysing human behaviour and interests.
  • Optimize bidding process for cost effective Ads promotion, check the analytics time to time and customize the Ads as per necessity.
  • Our display advertising services adds Google Display Ads, Bing Ad, Media Advertising, Paid Advertising, Contextual Advertising, Display Marketing, Display Network, Ad Display, Advertisement Ideas.
  • Being Online Advertising Agency, our developers maintain scalability and uniform performance so that Ads can easily be displayed to all the audience does not matter whether the operated device is a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.
  • Our services are cost effective and easy to utilize with huge differences and remarkable business benefits.Contact us now and MSA Technosoft will provide you better support and services for digitally advertising and promoting your brand.

How we work?

  • As per clients requirements, our media advertising team analyse market and try to know people behaviour, their interests etc. After gathering information our display marketing experts design ads with attractive and insisting graphics relevant to the Ad requirement, the content we mention contain the same that client want to display to targeted audience with innovative ideas and effective results.
  • We generate report for our workings and maintain transparency at each level with complete client satisfaction. Each text, images, audio or video generated by us for ad campaign contain relevant data with attractive look and insisting power to target the audience easily.
  • We manage bidding process to maintain your budgeting cost and have effective result in short interval of time.

Custom Software Development

If requirements of several software and application are creating trouble in digitalizing your business, think about your own custom software development. MSA Technosoft helps you here by custom software development regarding your business needs that not only overcome your different software's trouble but also saves your additional expenses in purchasing several licenses for those software, their upgradation and maintenance costs.
Our custom software development team design and develop custom built software according to your business specifications. As an offshore software software development company, we always give importance to the objective behind that particular development so that our clients can get better performance and compete with great success in their business. We develop custom applications in the way that it is going to fit your entire business requirements.

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MSA Technosoft : Custom Software Development

MSA Technosoft understands your business vision and mission, your business perspectives and strategies, your business expectations and your business competition and deliver you the all-in-one quality product for your organization to beat your competitors with latest custom application.

We are Custom Software Development Company based in india. Our custom software development contain Custom built software, Application Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Software Development etc. Our pricing policy is also reasonable so that even start-ups can also afford it easily. Contact MSA Technosoft for your custom software development and experience our quality services.

How MSA Technosoft works?

  • Analyse the requirements of the business with proper documentation
  • Feasibility study of requirement specification
  • Planning and designing of project
  • Coding and implementation
  • Integration, customization as per client's specification
  • Testing, quality check and deployment
  • Support and maintenance

Why choose MSA Technosoft for Custom Software Development?

  • Our Custom Software Development Services focus on high quality and brand consistency. We work within deadline with assured quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our priority. We manage both complex and small scale projects with same dedication and full efforts.
  • We create interactive and multimedia environment, integrate latest technologies with existing environment.
  • Our developer customize the interface for better accessibility and scalability, develop and deploy robust, scalable, extensive architecture with quality performance.

E-learning Solutions

MSA Technosoft passionate professionals design & develop custom e-learning solutions for our clients with innovative approaches in their specific training courses. Regardless of the field & industry we are promised to help our clients in empowering their learners with our powerful creative LMS & your customized trainings. Our E-learning solutions are aligned to your requirements and helps you to train your learner around the globe.

E-learning has become the best way of training everywhere. Doesn't matter it's an enterprise or an institute, e-learning is the top-most priority with empowerment.


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MSA Technosoft : E-learning solutions

MSA Technosoft E-learning services include:

  • E-learning Computer based training that contain tutorials, presentations, product descriptions etc.
  • E-learning Education CDs/DVDs that contain demos, flash videos, interactive catalogues, games etc.

Our e-learning development includes:

  • Custom bespoke e-learning solutions
  • e-learning Software tools for training
  • Mobile based e-learning portals
  • Game based e-learning resources
  • Rapid e-learning via authoring tools
  • Multiple language support
  • Animated & entertaining ways of training
  • Explanatory videos & flash
  • Support & Maintenance

We work for Education training organizations, small or medium firms, enterprises, government, corporate and all.

Why choose MSA Technosoft for E-learning Services?

Our experts design & develop creative and effective e-learning solution with quality content that help the client to empower their workflow at various geographical locations. Our e-learning professionals are expert instructional designers and creative having great grasp of technology and use quality processes with transparency. We deploy & deliver robust and reliable e-learning solution that meet the industry standard complete with full client satisfaction. What our custom e-learning development offer is scalable and best suits the industry standards having easy but efficient and attractive interface and powerful performance. Our elarning portal development services are cost effective and we believe in timely delivery.

At MSA Technosoft, we promise to provide you complete, flexible, powerful, robust and scalable e-learning solution that can empower your learners worldwide with facility to translate as per geographical location, for remarkable result.Our E-learning content are relevant. We provide custom e-learning solution services for businesses as well as learning providers. Our e learning solutions are adaptable, reliable and component based having innovative ideas to make learning easier and effective.

ERP Application Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications are integrated software package built as per the needs of an enterprise that helps the business to get automated with more flexibility and increase revenue in cost effective way. ERP application provide the facility of planning, manufacturing, development, testing, quality checking, maintenance, marketing and all other operations integrated in a single application toolkit.

At MSA Technosoft, we are dedicated to deliver you the desired ERP software solution implemented as per your business requirements and give you flexibility to work without depending on any other external solution with perfect performance. We implement customized software solution specifically designed for your business automation. Each modules of ERP development based on client's requirements and for business benefit. We keep in touch with our client during ERP development and report them for each phase and module with transparency.

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MSA Technosoft : ERP Application Development

We offer ERP Application services for all type of industry. Doesn't matter whether it's a big enterprise or a small one, we are dedicated to serve all our clients with setting their business benefits and objectives in mind for delivering the smarter solution with satisfaction.

From gathering requirement specification to quality testing and deployment of ERP Application, our professionals are committed to create customized, collaborated, creative, convenient, cost effective solution that not only help in automate the company but also improve the performance and make the execution smooth with maximized return on investment.

Our ERP application development service include:

  • Inventory management
  • Production management
  • Sales management
  • Report generations
  • Marketing
  • Accounts management & Book keeping
  • Customer relation management(CRM)
  • Human capital management(HCM)
  • Projects management
  • Workflow management

Why choose MSA Technosoft for ERP Application Development

  • We are professionals in enterprise resource planning(ERP) application development. Our experts work as per your requirement specifications and business strategies. We have technology experts dedicated to deliver superior solution that fits your business completely. What we deliver is quality assured, bug free, trustworthy application having capability to improve your business with remarkable return.
  • Client satisfaction is our main priority and we believe in timely delivery with successful, smart solution. All our ERP Application development services are of reasonable rates but remarkable revenue. To know more about our ERP related services contact us now.

Need of ERP Application:

  • Efficient in data keeping without replication
  • Time Saving
  • Cost efficient
  • Easily manageable
  • Reduced operating cost
  • All-in-one application
  • Better performance
  • More security
  • Up-to-date report
  • Flexibility to upgrade or extend

Payment Gateway Integration

E Commerce and online shopping is the most common thing now-a-days. Digitalization of business increase the scope of business around the globe and payment gateway integration with your business enhance your capacity of doing business with secure environment. Integrating an online payment system with your corporate website add an essential extra feature to your business. It not only enhance your ebusiness scope but also provide your visitors ease of access to shop.

MSA Technosoft provide global payment services to client with reliable environment, ease to use interface and fast online payment processing with privacy.
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MSA Technosoft : Payment Gateway Integration

Why to add Payment Gateway:

  • 24*7 availability and business opportunity worldwide
  • Securely money transfer to your bank account directly
  • No false payment issues, on-time validation check
  • Extra benefits from gateway provide company
  • Easy to reach your customers globally
  • Automatically currency conversion
  • Different payment modes are accepted
  • Secure Payment solution for customers & owner both

e-Payment System we work with

PayPal HDFC Google Checkout CC Avenue
Authorize.Net 2Checkout iBill BluePay
LinkPoint MoneyBooker FastCharge StromPay
goMerchant PayFlow Pro TripleDeal VeriSign PayFlow
Pay-Me-Now WorldPay BidPay Paycom
Eway Realex Amex AmericanExpress
ChronoPay FirstData Transecute Pay Signet
E-Billing ABC Payments Cell Pay EBS
Citibank CCNow Net banking  

How MSA Technosoft work:

  • At first we gather required details from client then plan for implementation. Built API to integrate e payment system, create notification alert for customer and client both for each transaction, install SSL certificates, if required, for secure pages. We also maintain responsiveness and interactivity of interface with privacy. Testing is done for quality checking then we deploy the solution to our client with required explanation and information. Proper support and maintenance is provided to our clients whenever required for long term relation.
  • As customers provide their credentials and sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details etc.for money transfer, MSA Technosoft maintain privacy at each level of transaction by encryption at the time of integrating payment system to your ecommerce solution. We maintain customer base with trustworthiness by providing them security and easy to use interface so that they can be comfortable to be regular user of your website.

Why choose MSA Technosoft?

  • Best online payment,High quality payment system in cost effective manner
  • Fast global transaction processing
  • Provide Flexible, Interactive and Scalable solution with quality performance
  • Easy information exchange
  • Easy electronic payment system integration
  • All time support
  • Easy to use interface in ecommerce payments
  • Secure environment with privacy
  • Real time validation checkout before transaction
  • Support and maintenance

Logo Design

Consistent and correct Brand Promotion in is an essential part of business in this competitive world for existence and achieve business objectives. Brand logo plays an important role here. It leaves the first impression on people's mind about your brand. If designed properly, logo helps you to stay apart from the crowd hence get better business opportunity. A Brand logo carries the capacity to make or break the perception on consumer's mind about your company, logo must leave an appealing impression at first look.

MSA Technosoftprovide cool Logo designs. Our logo design services assist clients with promptness, creative and convincing design with satisfaction guarantee. We have skilled professionals mastered in graphical representations with creative ideas and design unbeatable meaningful and unique logo designs relevant to your firm.
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MSA Technosoft : Logo Design

Our unique Logo design qualities:

  • Well designed logo
  • Business oriented logo
  • Creative and Catchy logo
  • Simple and Unique logo
  • Speaks up about brand
  • Impressive logo
  • Meaningful logo
  • Versatile logo

How we work:

  • Discuss with client
  • Share ideas and research relevant to corporate brand
  • Prepare rough sketch for client's review
  • Customize as per level of satisfaction
  • Pick up colours that suits best and gives an elegant, professional and appealing look
  • Ask for client feedback for final delivery

A logo is not just a representation of your brand worldwide but it also add value to your business by increasing your consumer base with its professional and appealing look.

Why choose MSA Technosoft for Logo designing?

  • Innovative and customized concepts
  • Sincere, Dedicated to work expert team
  • Equipped with effective tools
  • Efficient logo designers
  • Elegant creation at Affordable rates
  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction
  • Professional graphical design
  • Timely deployment
  • All time Support and well maintained services

MSA Technosoft is also a logo design company. our logo design services are unique, impressive and catchy. Our logo design include Company Logo, Designer Logo, Corporate Logos, Website Logo, Professional Logo, Create Name Logo, Graphic Designer Logo, Cool Logo Designs, Simple Logo Design, Unique Logo Design,Creative Logo Design. As we are expert in designing renowned recognition visual first impression in form of brand logo that too at reasonable rate. So, if you are looking for a custom logo design, you can hire a logo designer from MSA Technosoft for getting the best solution.