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ADO.Net Architecture

ADO.Net is a data accessing technology of the Microsoft .net framework. It communicates with DBMS and RDBMS both through a common set of components. It acts as a bridge between front-end control and back-end database. Objects of are responsible for all data-related operations. ADO.Net perform its functions in both Connected and Disconnected environments.


There are 2 main components of ADO.Net:

  • Data Providers
  • DataSet

System.Data namespace contain all the classes of


Data Provider

Data Provider provides functionality to connect with databases. Data providers are used to performing operations on databases. mainly work with 3 data providers in the .Net framework: Microsoft SQL Server data provider that uses sSqlConnection, an OLEDB data provider that uses OleDbConnection, an ODBC data provider that uses OdbcConnection.

A Data Provider contains objects of Connection, Command, DataAdapter and DataReader to perform the functionalities of the data provider.

  • Connection: The object of Connection is used to establish a physical connection with the database. Connection String is used to providing necessary information for establishment of proper connection with the database.


sqlConnection con= new sqlConnection();

con.ConnectionString= “DataSource=msa-technosoft-pc; initial catalogue= msa-technosoft-db; user id= user1; password= pass1”;


  • Command: The object of Command is used to execute SQL operations on databases. Command object provides several execute methods to perform SQL operations in different ways.


sqlCommand cmd= new sqlCommand(“insert into msa-tech-blog values(@slno, @title, @details)” ,con);

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@slno” , int.Parse(txtSlNo.Text));

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@title” , txtTitle.Text);

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@details” , txtDetails.Text);



  • DataReader: This is an alternative of DataSet and DataAdapter. It is used in the connected environment. The object of DataReader allows direct access to the data records of databases.
  • DataAdapter: It acts as a mediator between the database and DataSet object. It helps the DataSet to copy data from different data providers. It is useful in the disconnected environment.



The dataset is a subset of the database. It provides different mechanisms for data management in the disconnected environment. It is completely independent of the original data source. It is a copy of data source, but not having a physical connection with it. Reconnection is required to update the original database. It contains DataRelation, DataTable collection. The DataTable Collection is a collection of DataTable, DataRow, DataColumn, attribute and data.


  • DataRelation: It is used to create a relation between two tables.
  • DataTable: this class is used to represent the tables of the data source.
  • DataRow: This object is used to represent a row of a table in Data Source.
  • DataColumn: This is used to represent the column of a table in the data source.

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