Virtual Reality | VR

Virtual Reality Concept The idea behind implementing virtual reality in existence was to use computer technology to create a simulated, 3D world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he were in that world. Scientists, engineers and theorists have designed dozens of devices and applications to achieve this goal. There are … Read more Virtual Reality | VR

Internet of Things | IoT


Introduction Internet of things or IoT is a computing concept that includes the idea of connecting everyday physical objects to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices. The idea is amazing because an object can represent itself digitally and becomes something greater than itself. Now, the objects not only relate to … Read more Internet of Things | IoT

Command Prompt | cmd.exe | Complete Guide

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An Overview Command Prompt or CMD is a command line interpreter in the Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. It interacts with the user through a command-line interface. It is a Windows program that emulates many of the command line abilities available in MS-DOS. It is used to execute entered commands. Most of those commands automate … Read more Command Prompt | cmd.exe | Complete Guide

Queue | Data Structure

Queue : An Overview  Queue is a linear data structure that works on FIFO (First-In-First-Out) basis. The element inserted to the data structure will be the first element to be removed from it. We cannot add or remove random elements from this data structure. It is an ADT (Abstract Type Data Structure). This data structure … Read more Queue | Data Structure

Stack | Data Structure

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What is Stack Data Structure? Stack is a linear data structure which follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. It is just like a pile of plates kept on top of each other. It works on the principle of Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) – the last item that was placed is the first item … Read more Stack | Data Structure

Linked List | Data Structure

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Linked Lists Linked list is a linear data structure. The elements in a linked list are linked together using pointers. It is a data structure consisting of a collection of nodes which together represent a sequence. Each node contains a data field and a reference to the next node in the list. It allows for … Read more Linked List | Data Structure

Sorting and Searching | Data Structure & Algorithms

Sorting and Searching MSA Technosoft

Sorting and Searching Sorting and Searching is one of the most vital topic in DSA. Storing and retrieving information is one of the most common application of computers now-a-days. According to time the amount of data and information stored and accessed via computer has turned to huge databases. So many techniques and algorithms have been … Read more Sorting and Searching | Data Structure & Algorithms

Data Structure | Algorithms

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Algorithms in Data Structure Data Structure and Algorithms is an essential thing to build a scalable application. Data Structure is a way of collecting and organizing data in such a manner that we can perform operations on these data easily and effectively while an algorithm is a finite set of sequential instructions to accomplish a … Read more Data Structure | Algorithms

Data Structure


What is Data Structure? Data Structure is a systematic way to store and organize data so that it can be used efficiently. For example arrays, Linked List, Stack, Queue, etc. are data structures. Whether it is Operating System, Compiler Design, Artificial intelligence, Graphics or anything else, Data structure is useful in every aspect of computer … Read more Data Structure

Robotics | Artificial Intelligence

Robotics: An Overview Robotics is a technology of artificial intelligence that includes conception, design, operation and manufacture of robots. Robotics is a combination of electronics, mechanics and software. It deals with the study of building intelligent and efficient robots. Robots are machines that carry out actions or series of actions automatically. It encompasses a broad … Read more Robotics | Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

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What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence. It gives the ability to systems to learn and improve itself automatically from experience without being explicitly programmed. The main focus is given on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. Machine learning is … Read more Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

Expert Systems | Artificial Intelligence

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Expert Systems Expert system is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence technologies to solve complex problems in a particular field and enhance the decision-making capability of a human expert. The computer program contain expert knowledge base to respond correctly. ES gives high performance and are reliable enough. ES are designed to solve complex problems … Read more Expert Systems | Artificial Intelligence