Web Browser | Functions of Web Browser

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Web Browser | Functions of Web Browser   A web browser is an application software that is used to present or receive resources that is traversing through the World Wide Web (www). An information resource can be images, videos, web pages or any other content identified by URL. Browsers plays the client side interface role … Read more

Web Server| Features of Web Server

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Web Server| Features of Web Server Web Server may be a computer program, software or any remote computer system that respond on client request via hypertext transfer protocol connection to share web resources such as web pages over world wide web. Every web server is given a unique domain name and IP address for its … Read more

Network Topology | Types | Point-to-point | Multipoint | Mesh | Star | Bus | Ring | Hybrid

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Network Topology Network topology is the arrangement of computer devices in computer network to establish communication among them. It defines a layout of a network that means it determines how different nodes are connected and communicated together within a network. Network topology can be according to logical aspect or on physical aspect. Physical topology describes … Read more

Types of Computer Network | LAN | WAN | MAN | WLAN | PAN | CAN


Types of Computer Network Types of computer network is the most common topic we use to deal with. Let us have an idea about what is computer network. We can define computer network as a collection of computing devices linked together in order to communicate and share their resources and data. This connection can be … Read more

Client-Server Architecture | Types Of Client Server Architecture

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Client-Server Architecture Client-Server Architecture is a distributed system architecture where the workload of client server are separated. Clients are those who request for the services or resources and Server means the resource provider. The server host several programs at its end for sharing resources to its clients whenever requested. Client and server can be on … Read more

Categories of Web Applications | Characteristics of Web Applications

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Categories of Web Applications | Characteristics of Web Applications Web applications are software designed to execute on web with web specific resources. Web applications vary from small scale solution to large scale ERP. Web applications have evolved and turned to complex according to time. This complexity may be in terms of dynamic nature, use of … Read more