Need of Software Project Management

Why need Software Project Management?

Software Project Management is a part of IT Project management that deals with the development of software solutions. It includes planning, implementation, monitoring, and control of software projects.

A Project can be defined as a properly planner well-defined collection of operations required to achieve any specified goal. It has its start time and ends time. It ends with the achievement of specified goal. It require resources to achieve the specified goal. Resources required may be in terms of manpower, money, time, knowledge, materials etc.


Top Benefits of software Project Management

The main purpose of software project management is to manage software projects efficiently and deal with all those constraints that brings risk in software development. It enables the software engineers to work efficiently towards successful completion of the project. The 3 main constraints of software projects are Scope of software, Time Required in implementation, and Development Cost. These 3 constraints are called triple constraints of software projects that must be balanced properly.

Scope of Software: Scope means the purpose of the software implementation. The set of specified requirements for which the application is developed, should be addressed properly.

Time required in implementation: Every software project have some specified time period for the completion of the project. It is essential to implement and deliver the software solution within the schedule.

Development cost: Every software project has some cost. It must be under client’s budget.

There are several internal and external factors that may affect the triple constraint of software development. That’s why software project management is an essential part of software development.

Most Important Project Management Skills

  • Good qualitative judgment and decision-making capability.
  • Good grasp of the latest software project management techniques like cost estimation, risk management, configuration management.
  • Good communication skills and capability to get work done.
  • Tracking and controlling project progress, customer interaction, managerial presentations, and team building.

Project Management Activities

Project Planning: Planning of a software project is a task that starts before the development process. Its main activities include project scope: defines the scope of the project, project estimation: estimate the project effectively and efficiently. It includes software size estimation, effort estimation, time estimation and cost estimation, Scheduling: specify the completion of the project within a specified schedule and Staffing: all resources used in the development of software product. It may be human resource, software tools, software libraries, etc. Project planning also includes risk analysis: analyze any unfavorable event that may occur during the project development, configuration management: tracking and controlling changes in software in terms of requirements, design, function and development.

Project Monitoring & Control: These activities undertake after starting the development process. It describes the project plans are executing according to schedule or not. Monitoring is done for getting the probability of risk in the project. It includes Activity monitoring on day-to-day basic, Status report for status of activities, and Milestones checklists.

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