14 Important SEO Tips for Better Ranking in 2020

The most important SEO tips for ranking on search engines!

SEO is an important factor to keep in mind to boost your website ranking. It is really difficult to drive impressive traffic to your website without proper search engine optimization. You can follow these important SEO tips to keep your website optimized and well presented to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure your business achievements.

14 most important seo tips for ranking higher on google in 2020.


Search engine optimization has significant importance in the world of web development. The success of a website is also credited to proper deployment and well optimization. Keeping the importance and requirement of Search Engine Optimisation in mind, I am going to provide some SEO tips in this article that a website must not ignore to give itself a better chance to prove itself.

  1. The Domain Name Selection
  2. Do an Extensive Keyword Research
  3. The Web Page Title Optimization
  4. Meta description
  5. “Content is the King” – The Most Important
  6. Image Optimization
  7. Readability and Accessibility
  8. Internal linking
  9. DoFollow – NoFollow
  10. User experience Design
  11. Page speed
  12. Social media

The Domain Name Selection

Domain Selection is an important and considerable thing. A domain name acts as a foundation for your website. Choosing the right domain can drive traffic to your website. People use to associate your domain name with your business or services offered.

The custom domain allows your website for better business opportunities, better advertisement opportunities, and better ranking on search engines.

Do an Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword research will give an idea about hot topics. What people are looking for is relevant to your website means the visitors on your website will increase automatically. It is one of the most important facets to drive customers to your website.

Keyword research is mostly used at the time of content creation for ideas about trending keywords. It includes choosing the right keyword for your content. It is a technique of finding the target audience by analyzing what type of strings they are likely to search.

A Well Optimized Web Page URL

Your web page title format should follow this format like “https://website.com/keyword-extension” for better Click through rate and increase your search engine ranking. If you have started with some popular blogging platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress, etc. then you must start with optimizing Optimizing your blog post URL and help people to find you and increase your website visitors.

The Web Page Title Optimization

The title of your web page is very crucial because most people just go through the title to decide whether to read the content or to skip it.

Title optimization, therefore, is essential to draw people’s attention towards your content. The Title must be average in size. It must be strong, explanatory, appealing, and attractive to draw visitor’s attention towards your website.

A Proper Meta Description

The meta description is the brief description that appears below the link on the search engine result page. It is important in search engine optimization for traffic generation. It helps uses to find exactly what they are looking for. Proper Meta description can help you to drive targeted traffic to your website from search engine result pages.

“Content is the King” – The Most Important

The content of the website is an important thing to keep in mind. A well-optimized content can add additional importance to your website. If the content of the website will be according to researched and optimized keywords, it will have a better ranking in search engine results.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is an important part of search engine optimization. It is an effective and working SEO technique that adds weight-age to your content. Visual contents like images, videos, or graphics make the reader draw attention to your post for a longer time.

Media files contain an alt tag that contributes to indexing in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. that adds plus point for your website ranking.

Readability and Accessibility

Readability is an important thing to maintain on every website or blog for good optimization. The content must be comprehensive, grammatically correct, and easy to understand to drive attractive traffic to your website.

If people will not understand the core message of your blog, they will stop following you. Therefore, it is essential to think about readability while creating content for your website. Keep it simple and grammatically correct.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is essential for engaging your visitor on your website as much as possible. This will help to decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Once a visitor land to your any of your page, your website must attract him/ her to other contents to spend more and more time to your website. This can only be done by the internal linking of your website. Through internal linking, you can easily take your customers to your advertising pages or services you offer. Linking of webpages also allows Google to easily find an index through different pages on your website and rank your website higher.

DoFollow – NoFollow

DoFollow and NoFollow play an important role in search engine optimization. One of the main objectives of search engine optimization is to drive huge traffic to your website, these keywords play a vital role in doing so.

When the search engine crawls a website, it looks for external links from that website. If the search engine finds the “dofollow” link, the search engine follows the link and passes the link juice. It helps the website to achieve better page ranking.

“Nofollow” attribute value instructs search engine bot not to pass link juice to the mentioned link and the search engine will not crawl that hyperlink. Comment sections and other parts where you want search engine should not crawl should set as nofollow.

User Experience Design

To stay apart from the heavy crowd on the web we need an attractive and appealing website design along with search engine optimized techniques.

Mobile friendly, light-weighted, responsive design that can easily be indexed by a search engine should be the priority.

Page Speed

Page speed is a considerable thing in search engine optimization because it influences your website ranking and its credibility.

A website that takes much time to load will lose the chance of repeated visitors even if the website is impressive. If your website is not quickly loaded, people may quit without waiting to load. Therefore, it is recommended for search engine optimized websites to load in a few seconds, especially for mobile devices.

Social Media

Social media is an important factor in attracting huge traffic to your website. Popular social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. are such platforms that attract people to look at your post in their area of interest. It attracts potential clients to your post.

Social media management in the correct manner can help you a lot in achieving the goals of your website by driving potential traffic to your page.


Comments produce natural keywords that can drive organic traffic to your website. If the comment system is used carefully, it can determine your website rank higher. Usually, comments are nofollow links. You can allow comments on your topics just to improve your keyword density and ranking.


To increase visibility and coverage of the website effectively Search Engine Optimization can be implemented during its early time span as well. These simple SEO tips are a few initiatives to ensure the visibility of your website over social media and search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is an essential commodity to ensure targeted traffic to websites for better business opportunities.

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