Need of Software Project Management

Why need Software Project Management? Software Project Management is a part of IT Project management that deals with the development of software solutions. It includes planning, implementation, monitoring, and control of software projects. A Project can be defined as a properly planner well-defined collection of operations required to achieve any specified goal. It has its … Read more

Bootstrap vs Foundation | Best CSS Framework in 2020

Bootstrap vs. Foundation: The Best CSS Framework selection Bootstrap and Foundation are two major CSS Frameworks widely used in Web designing but pick up one between the two is really a hard decision. Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 are the latest versions of the most widely used CSS frameworks. In this article, we are going … Read more

Robotics | Automation Process | Key Components | Applications | Aspects

Robotics: An Overview Robotics is a technology of artificial intelligence that includes conception, design, operation, and manufacture of robots. Robotics is a combination of electronics, mechanics, and software. It deals with the study of building intelligent and efficient robots. What is Robotics? Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is mainly composed of electrical … Read more

Linked List | Implementation | Types | Singly | Doubly Circular | Benefits | Example with code

linked-list-title-Data-Structure-MSA Technosoft

What is a Linked List? Linked list is a linear data structure. The elements in a linked list are linked together using pointers. It is a data structure consisting of a collection of nodes that together represent a sequence. Each node contains a data field and a reference to the next node in the list. … Read more

Differnce Between HTML and CSS | Linking CSS to HTML | Inline CSS vs Internal CSS vs External CSS

CSS | HTML vs. CSS | Link CSS to HTML | Inline CSS | Internal CSS | External CSS | MSA Technosoft

What is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)? Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is very important language used in presentation and designing of html websites. It not only set the design, colour, text, font, images, and layout of the webpages but also enhance the usability of the website. This is the language that deals with the web … Read more

Queue | Data Structure

Queue : An Overview¬† Queue is a linear data structure that works on FIFO (First-In-First-Out) basis. The element inserted to the data structure will be the first element to be removed from it. We cannot add or remove random elements from this data structure. It is an ADT (Abstract Type Data Structure). This data structure … Read more