PHP | Basics | Advantages| MySQL web development

PHP | Basics | Advantages | MySQL  | Web development

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is an open source server-side scripting language. It is mainly used for websites and web application development. It can also be embedded in HTML code. It is most popular web development language. It runs on UNIX and Linux server. It allows creating dynamic websites with the great user interface and rich features at low cost.

It is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking to build entire e-commerce can easily be integrated with a number of popular databases including MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server. It supports a large number of major protocols such as IMAP, POP3, and LDAP. PHP4 supports java and distributed object architecture.


Advantages of PHP

PHP is a very popular language for building dynamic web applications. It is able to interact easily with any kind of database for all type of content. Best combination of the database with PHP is MySQL.

PHP solutions are cost effective. It runs on Linux server that is absolutely free. Database connectivity is also cheap in PHP development. It uses MySQL database that is free of cost.

PHP codes run in its own memory space hence its run faster. That is the reason why PHP applications are faster.


How PHP Web solution works

The main goal of PHP is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

When a user visits PHP web page, web server processes the PHP code. It then sees which part it need to show to the visit (content and images) and hide the other kinds of stuff (file operation, math calculation etc.) then translate PHP into HTML. After translation, the web page is sent to the user on their web browser.


PHP Basics

PHP syntax is easy to understand. It uses c-like syntax. All php coding must be enclosed in php tag





If file contains php code within html, file must be saved with the extension “.php” instead of “.html”.

<html><head><title> PHP Example</title></head>

<body><? php

Echo “PHP code is embedded with HTML”;


  • White spaces are automatically ignored by php interpreter.
  • PHP is Case-Sensitive.
  • Statements and expressions are terminated by semi-colons.
  • constant() function: it is used to return the constant values of the variable.



echo val1;

echo constant(“val1”);


  • Variable Declaration: variable is declared with $ in php programming.

$Variable-name = value;



$name= “MSA Technosoft”;

$description= “Information Technology Company”;

$no-of-employees= 33;


  • Output a String: To display anything on webpage “echo” is used in php. Quotes cannot be used inside the string. If there is any quote inside the string, put a slash before quote. Use single quote for quotes inside string.


echo “<h3 class=\ “ special H3\”> PHP Example</h3>”;

echo “<h3 class= ‘special H3’> PHP Example</h3>;


  • Concatenation: Variables and text strings are joined together with a period symbol(.)


$my-var= “Hello!”;

$newline= “<br/>”;

$var1= “Reader”;

echo $my-var.$var1.$newline;

echo “Welcome to learn PHP basics”;



PHP and MySQL web development

  • PHP is the server side scripting language and MySQL is open source relational database. When PHP and MySQL combine together, able to deliver a powerful and cost-effective web development solution. It is preferred for its ease of use and simplicity.
  • PHP also supports several open source CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. It has support for several open source e-commerce development like Magento, OSCommerce etc. that helps in building a standard web solution with quality features and services.
  • PHP and MySQL together can be built cost effective and efficient web development solution.
  • PHP has a great advantage of Interoperability with different operating systems and web servers. It supports portability.

3 Components must be installed to develop and run PHP web pages on your PC :

  • PHP Parser: it is required to process PHP code and generate HTML output to send to web browser,
  • Database: PHP usually work with different databases like oracle, Sybase etc. but the best combination is MySQL that is also an open source freeware database, and
  • Web Server: PHP is able to work with different web servers including Microsoft IIS but the best web server to use with PHP development is Apache server that is available at free of cost.

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